A brief overview on nxtONE

To introduce nxtONE have a look on this Basic Concept Video to see it in action.

nxtControl nxtONE product portfolio


nxtControl Product overview

A short overview about nxtControl's product portfolio


nxtStudio is the the engineering tool for creating automation solutions.

The solution is used to

  • create/edit function blocks
  • create/edit CATs
    • create/edit symbols
    • create/edit faceplates
  • create/edit automation programs
  • add and configure devices to a solution
  • create/edit and configure device networks
  • map and distribute automation programs to devices
  • Visualization HMI and SCADA
    • configure images, HMI vars, named colors, named brushes, named fonts
    • configure schemes
    • create Canvas/Resolutions/Topologies?
    • configure users and permission
    • configure multi language HMI
  • configure archive storage
  • manage libraries
  • deployment of the solution

nxtHMI and nxtSCADA

The nxtHMI and nxtSCADA are the visualization component of the nxtControl Tools. They are the runtime component for the visualization part of a project.

The component is used to

  • monitor the automation environment
    • Visualize variables from controllers of the project
    • Control variables (set values, send events)
    • Archive values from the controllers
    • Permissions and user control
    • Trending
    • Alarming
    • Journaling


This is the IEC 61499 runtime component.

The runtime is ported and implemented on several chip architectures and operating systems.

It is used to execute the automation program code and interact with the real worlds hardware io system.


The libraries are collections of function blocks, CATs, function block networks and even complete automation programs. The libraries are managed by nxtStudio and included in the programs build process. When deploying projects to IEC 61499 runtimes or HMI/SCADA runtimes the appropriate parts are included and deployed to the runtime.

Libraries exist for branches such as process control and building automation as also for a lot of different hardware technologies (EtherCAT, Modbus, and others).

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